📜 The Ultimate Guide To Dark Deception Chapter 1

Hello and welcome to…
The Ultimate Guide To Dark Deception

this was made from my experience making Gim & Deception, which you totally play. (link in bio)
I always thought ultimate guides were useless unless the people reading are that desperate and actually read through the 15 paragraph essay. I rest my case. sue me. I dare you. but anyhow, here is my guide to dark deception.
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btw this is just a long description of chapter 1.

your in desperate need, and you find no other choice but to grovel and beg to bierce. she claims she needs her ring, the riddle of heaven. then she could safely fill all the main characters darkest desires. after, she leads you to the ballroom. this is where 8 portals lie, and she claims each one is a nightmare. the first portal- monkey business- is a maze like hotel. you have to go through collecting shards while running away from mechanical monkeys. (this sounds weird but it works somehow.)
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when collecting all the shards, you now have to run all the way back to the ring altar. the mechanical monkeys go in a even bigger craze then before, and there is a chase scene at the end. you finally get the first ring piece and run back to the portal.


There is not too many functions in chapter 1, so I will just hand over a link to a stamina/sprinting tutorial:
How to add a sprint feature (Stamina)

here are some images from my dark deception map.

Screenshot 2024-04-11 5.17.22 PM

Screenshot 2024-04-10 7.11.33 PM
make 2 teams. one team spawns in the ballroom, and the other spawns in the maze. the one that spawns in the maze is the monster, and make sure they are supplied with a blaster.
for the ball room, simply make a giant room floating in space. you can add a sentry and switch it to team 1. add portals and make sure there are barriers over the teleporters that send you to the maze. add a popup which gets activated from clicking a button. make sure the button is invisible, and make sure the popup is a banner. add what ever dialogue you want. make sure when Primary call to action clicked → hide barrier.
for the first portal, you can make any map you want as long as its a maze.
For the shard collecting part, you should use item spawners that give heavy shards. put a bunch of these around the entire map. and for the ring altar, just use a vending machine. the cost is 70 shards, and configure the settings to make it so the vending machine deactivates when purchased from. the vending machine will wire to a barrier that makes it so when the vending machine is bought from, the barrier hides. you can make a long hallway that works as a chase scene. add a button at the end that is titles “Go through portal” and link it to a end game. when button clicked → end game. you can add notifications from bierce Midway through the maze to make bierce seem like a more real character.
and that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this guide.
but the question is…
are you ready for another nightmare?

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Great guide! Would love to see more pictures. Really creepy tho…

this is cool can I try it for myself?

creepy is normal to me.

Nice guide! Nice and creepy!
I can’t wait to see when this is finished!

me too it’ll be a fun game

Nice guide!

The mechanical monkey fella and the gargoyle statue are kinda creepy… (not scared, just think it’s a bit weird/creepy.)

I’m not allowed to link the game, but maybe I can unpublish and publish for you to see on the discovery page.

I removed tug because this wasn’t a wiki.
Maybe add pictures to the steps?

Nice game! What is it called?

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please don’t make tugs like this. tugs were originally made to cover a huge range of topics in a massive topic, like “all devices” or “all blocks”. this kind of tug literally is not necessary and at this point is probably decoration. the thing about devices, blocks, and map options is that they are basically necessary for your game, but stuff like dark deception is something incredibly small in terms of actual gimkit creative. this could work as a normal guide just fine, or you could just remove the scroll/keep the tug tag removed

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how come i try 7 months on a GOOD map( in bio), 3d stuff, no bugs, lore and this is what i get

you simply either did not make a good thumbnail, good title, or did not get the young viewers attention.


because it probably wasn’t worth replaying

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however, might be wrong. it simply might be that you did not publish at a good time.

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People care about:
Good thumbnail
Something that attracts them (possibly a game design ripped off of another game)
Interesting Description and title

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