The Ultimate Ghosts Of Tabor Guide GIMKIT

Ghosts Of Tabor VR is an FPS VR game created by Combat Waffle. In Ghosts Of Tabor, you can be Ghost Faction, hired by NATO, or Volk Faction, Russian resistance. Your job is to drop into one of the three maps grab items and get out using an exfil to get back to your base without being KO.

GIMKIT Version
For the Gimkit version, I will be focusing on the first map, Island Of Tabor, while creating this. The map/layout is already planned out. I have created chests and a little shop area, Tabor Market.

If anyone has any ideas or any art they want me to put on the map please put a link or reply with it. Anyones work who gets featured will have their name in the map credits. I will be placing the creator’s name, not the name of the person who replies.

Gimkits Of Tabor - Island Of Tabor COMING SOON NEXT YEAR


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Who plays Ghosts Of Tabor VR? If so, on what headset?
  • Yes, on Meta Quest 3
  • Yes, on Meta Quest 2
  • Yes, on Meta Quest 1
  • Yes, on Steam
  • Yes, on PC
  • Yes, on other
  • No, I don’t play Ghosts Of Tabor
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This looks cool! you do realize you don’t have that long to edit, right?

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It says you edited the post. So if you can edit this then can everyone? If so how can I turn that off?

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no, tl3s are the only ones who can edit, and we can only edit the titles, i added the wip tag for you, as it is a work in progress

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I hope you finish on time! other than that this will be pretty cool!

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Oh, thank you. for putting that :smile: