==The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Blocks ==

Well, welcome to another Ultimate Guide.

In this guide I’ll be covering the very basic and simple introduction into blocks! Remember folks, this ain’t meant to be the best blocks guide, just a way to help beginners ease into the block habit! This very small guide contains the following:

  • == Blocks: An Intro ==
  • == How To Use Blocks ==
  • == How To Use Basic Blocks ==

== Blocks: An Intro ==

Blocks, boiled down the very basics, are just another way of relaying messages, like the most special kind of device there is.

Blocks work through messages broadcasted through channels, triggers, and whatnot. Making a block is simple. Navigating through something like it is much easier than many people make it out to be.

How to make a block is simple enough, just go to a trigger, or a notification, or the like, and look to the left of the screen, in which it says something like “Block.” Click on it.

Pow, it brings you to the blocks menu, where if you checked this guide, you’ll find you’re gonna be stuck in deep doo-doo for a while. This is the easiest part, for someone who doesn’t know what a block is.

End Of Part One.

== How To Use Blocks ==

Simple enough. Click on one of the options on the left, and a selection will appear.

These individually make a collective network of something like a ton of special devices linked together, sans wires. While it does cost 500 memory to make, it’ll be pretty easy to get things in order once you know the blocks.

These options can be used to randomize, connect, or broadcast, or perhaps,
Obliterate, fumigate obfuscate, or create.

When you have a confusing piece of work that can’t be solved like a normal problem, try to work on it in blocks, and find something out down here. Some guides that can help with basic block help are listed at the end of this guide.

Blocks can be used to be randomizers, store properties, make a random number to a random code, or even just say a player’s name! These incredibly versatile devices can help with whatever you need for the occasion, and the following will guide you through it. This has all been easy prep work, but now you’re getting into the real stuff.

End Of Part Two.

== How To Use Basic Blocks ==

Broadcast Message On Channel
Puts something on a channel. Now if you want to grant an item, then this means that the channel will be sent to another thing, like a link to the outside.

Text Block
Works on a notification or popup, in which it says something special. Quite easy once you get the hang of it.

Player Name
Also an easy thing, is a player name in the text area, such as in a “Create Text With,” something that’s about as easy to grasp as the text block.

If Do
Now this one is slightly easier, just if something happens, like a message has been broadcasted, then under "“Do” can make whatever you want to make. Like If [Property = 7] Do [Broadcast Message On Channel: OpenDoor]

Easy enough, just put down a number.

Seconds Into Game
This pairs with the Number block, so that when thirty second into game, you can broadcast message into channel, or whatever you want.

Makes a piece of random placeholder text. We’ll cover this next, hold your horses.

Set Variable To
This is easy. Now if your Variable = 1, then you can change your variable to a different number, which can change all sorts of things!

Add Activity Item Feed Everyone
This make it easy to track things, like if a player presses a button, make the message i the activity feed [Player Name] has reached the dungeon!

Add Activity Item Feed Game Host
This can be useful for tracking players, and good if you have a few channels when a button is pressed or a player enters and area, like if a player steps on a trigger that sends on a channel EnteredDungeon and the block is Add Activity Item Feed Game Host - EnteredDungeon

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