The Tamian Coordinate System | Difficulty: 🟨 (See: Updated)

Also sorry I forgot to say, I need to update this later, currently it has no processor. Will update later.

It’s not too hard. You have to have a processor that compares your last zone to your new one, and if the number changed negatively, you’re moving left, and positively, you’re moving right.

Give me a second to test this out.

This is actually surprisingly similar to version 2.0.

Yeah, I don’t see how to make an infintley expandable processor.

If every trigger (besides 0,0 ) transmits on the same channel in order to save memory, then I have no idea how to check whether or not the movement was pasitive or negative. I tried to step down to one dimension of movement, but I still don’t ghet it.

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It was mostly a spur-of-thought thing. Soon, I’ll post 2.0. It’s much closer to what you need, I think.

You spelled get wrong (just telling you).

I had no editor.

Or, hold the last location in var OLD and the current location in var NEW.
DO Set property DIRECTION Right
DO Set property DIRECTION Left

This only work in one dimension.

It occurs when there is any change in zones, which are numbered in order.

This could work in two dimensions, you just have to be clever with it.

This is actually a nearly identical sensor to 2.0.

Wait, how am I supposed to get the locations in the first place?

Wait for 2.0 and modify it. I’ll try to have it by 8:00 AM on the East Coast tomorrow.


Yeah, sorry to keep you waiting.
It’s a little tedious, as a warning, but not too bad.

I’m not going to get banned again.


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Wow, you’re back. Also, why mine, I’m curious. There’s also a little debate: how do you pronounce your name?