The Taigan way to make a infinite trigger [🟩 or 2/10]

You read the title. If you didn’t, get better at reading. I’m going to teach you how to make an infinite trigger!
So, originally, my first thought was to use a repeater, but repeaters only go for a certain amount of time.

But… there’s a secret way! You see, if you go into the Repeaters settings, and go down to “Stop Strategy” There’s a setting called “After receiving from channel”. So! That means the repeater won’t stop until something triggers it!

To test! All we need is

  • Lifecycle
  • Counter
  • Repeater

Wire the lifecycle to the repeater [Event occurs → Start repeater] (Don’t forget to change the repeaters Stop strategy to After receiving from channel! You can also change the Task interval to “1”, or, one second.) Then wire the repeater to the counter [Repeater runs task → increment counter]

So what should happen is, the Lifecycle should start the repeater when you spawn in, then, the repeater should trigger the counter. Making it go up a point.

Tada! We made an infinitely generating trigger!

Conclusion: this could possibly help you with whatever you need (Or not)

Difficulty rating:

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You know, you could just use a trigger itself… But good guide, anyway!


I already tried that. I might have done it wrong. But yaddabadda.


It’s easy:
Trigger when receiving on: Trigger
When Triggered, transmit on: Trigger

Counter Increment on: Trigger


Oh, I did Trigger wired to trigger

man, wires are difficult today for me.


It’s easier with just a trigger


yeah, I see that now.


@Haiasi @Haiasi_Alt What???

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Yall are seriously rating it this?


I rated it :blue_square:

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Alrighty then…

White and blue are only used for art. (I think.) So I rated it a green.

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No, :white_large_square: is for Art, the others are fine. Blue can be used for art, but it works for all.

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:blue_square: can also sometimes be used in art


Did you add a delay?

Thanks for the infinite trigger idea, it can also be used for some interesting ideas like activating and deactivating certain sentries and lasers of used correctly, I might use this for some of my maps, especially with the fact the delays can be up to sixty seconds in length.

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Nice guide!

Well, nice guide anyway!

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Nah, why do you figure?

Because recursion stops without a delay.