The Start of a New OP Gadget?

Presenting gimkit’s newest weapon… the Pixelator!
While this new gadget can be underestimated, it could be the best weapon in the right hands.
Not only is the Pixelator a 2.0 of the blaster, it has more shots before needing to reload.

While the Pixelator might be weak, it has knock back meaning that if you aren’t ready or low on health in a fight, you could knock back your enemies before getting ready to fight.

And the Pixelator not is the weapon with the most shots before reloading, it take 1 quick seconds to reload.

If Gimkit adds the Pixelator to creative, it could really change the PVP methods and rise as the king of all weapons.

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I agree. The Pixelator is OP! ( I too was amazed when I saw 32 freakin shots! )
Sorry is “freakin” is wrong…


Also, welcome to the forums!

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I suggest you make this a community guideline, because you will probably get flagged for off topic, but if you make this a community guide and add WIP (work in progress), then you won’t get flagged if you explain why you should add it to your games

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Some advice:

Don’t be the one guy who decides to get all the badges. Not worth it.

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does the pixelator do damage to players?

it knocks back players

hopefully it is

than we would also get a text following player device


please, josh.

we need to track shots

Nah bro we already got a better weapon in the house

THE PICKAXE (legendary)

the pixelater easily counters it

by knocking the player back

the pikaxe is a meele


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This would be cool if added! But it will probably be nerfed if added.

The pixelator DOES do damage, it’s just insanely small. For instance, you need to get to 1000% knockback to actually get knocked out from the blast.

pixelator supremacy.

anyways, yeah i was waiting for someone to make this post, it truly is really OP!

i’m pretty sure once knockback is added to creative, all weapons could have it.