The Snomayan winter wonderland/lodge

This guide on my winter wonderland will have _ steps

Step 1 Background/cabin outside

For the background just make it snow and add decorations with all the snowy trees like so :


For our nice cabin we will start off with the frame


For the frame use wooden pole 3 tinted a darker brown in the shape of a house but for the roof use a /-\ frame for the step frame use blackboard legs for the step shape and wooden pole 1 for the steps like this

Door walls roof and windows

Walls : use boardwalk for the walls
Door : Use a wooden sign for the door and use anything round for the “knob”
Roof : fill in the roof with brown rectangle barrier
Windows : Build a window shape with wooden poles and fill it in with a 60 size blue squares
the result of the filling is

Step 2 Cabin inside

For the cabin first go to a separate location with teleporters making entrance and exiting possible and with boardwalk make it 13 tiles long and 9 tiles high and for the walls we will have 2 rooms 1 bedroom and the lobby (kind of) like this (I used brown barrier for the walls)


Now we need to decorate our cabin

Decor : bedroom

For the bedroom use regular bedroom supplies like a bed (obvious) and a table with a journal like this

Decor : lobby

For the lobby lets add a tree first get any tree prop then take a red, yellow, blue, and green circle emoji and add them to the tree then get the star emoji and place it on top of the tree.
(optional : use Christmas tree emoji) here’s my lobby so far :

now make a cozy fire with the wood fired oven and make some chairs with theater chairs
after that add some finishing touches like so :

And that’s how you make a snomayan winter lodge

Finished product

Your finished products should look like this
Inside :

Outside :

Now you’ve made a holly jolly cabin, Have a merry Christmas! - Quimblo Out!

extra : this took way to long


Nice guide! Also Merry Christmas!

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Nice guide! Really good! People could use it for RPG.

really nice guide! also merry christmas

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Nice guide, @Quimblo!

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