The Seventh Relay Option

I have seen no guides utilizing this, no theory talking about how this could be useful, every time someone uses a relay, it’s always the other six options. What does this do, what can this be used with, and what group does it actually relay to?

Now that I see it, it just looks like random player on a specific team.

honestly, it seems like it could be useful in a lot of situations. interesting that it isn’t used too much.

However, that’s already an option!

oh wait, single player on each team. yeah, idk what that could be used for. maybe a game where there are multiple teams, each with, like, a double agent or smth?

Exactly. What does “single player” mean exactly?

a random player on each team, probably

Like agent of the month in toag: dimination?

That’s already an option though

no, that’s just a random player

no it isn’t

Oh, on each team

The seven relay options:
Screenshot 2023-09-02 9.16.55 AM

maybe it could be used to pick team leaders

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I guess the Single Player on Each team is useless. But josh or the mods needs to talk about what the 7th relay option is used for.

As Vortex said, you can use it to pick team leaders. It seems to be a random player relay that triggers for every team.

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omg yeah

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My guess on what it does, based off of waypoint studies?

It picks the last player to join each team.

As in, order in which they logged into the game.

i dont rly see why it would do that
and not just a random player on each team

I just tested it.

I had four players. 1 was added first, then 2, then 3, then 4.

1 & 2 were on team 1, and 3 & 4 were on team two.

I made a trigger → relay(7) → item granter (galaxy fish) setup, then walked over the button.

2 and 4 only got galaxy fish, no matter who walked over the trigger, or how many times I triggered it.
image 4’s inventory after 13 triggers

image The setup.