The search on Gimkit Creative is Weird

When I search up my friend game it will not pop up for some reason…

It depends on description
Edit: Have them add the games name to the description to increase the chances of appearing.

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But my friends game is perfect it has none of those words at all (even in the descriptin) its perfectly fine but I just wont pop up

have your freind add something like (your freind’s nickname) ###

  • in the description

My game will pop up but my friend… Nope (if you want to play the game its called Five Nights at Gim’s with this coverpage)

what do you mean by m game?
oh nvr mind

what’s you freinds nickname? for GIMKIT

i will agree, it is very messed up, but make sure not to advertise! for now, all you can do is try the things in the guide @Dodge_Fox linked.

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His nickname Is Blockhead (in Gimkit)

ok have him add Blockhead123 or something in the description then search it up and it should show now.

can the game just be taged?

That guide was before Josh redid the search.

some one tell me can the game just be tagged???