The purpose of the respawn device

The respawn device

What is its purpose? It is just a device that respawns the player for example: get a spawn pad for a specific team and get a button saying go back to spawn and a respawn device which will triggered when button pressed. You will then see yourself back where you placed your spawn pad. It is very helpful in games like DLD when you fall you respawn at the specific checkpoint or spawn pad. Hope you enjoyed the guide!!:grin:

Also this might be available in the ultimate guide to devices

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This is a little bit too simple

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This is a bit off-topic for the forum. The device tag is to discuss about a device, not a guide on it. In addition this is not a guide either.

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Btw I donโ€™t know how other people make their guides look professional. :disappointed:

Oh sorry i just realized the solution buttons :cry: sorry.

I think this is way too short. Also there are those ultimate guides to devices, I think.

Yeah, this really isnโ€™t necessary due to the existence of TUGTED.

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Moved this to devices and changed the title

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