The's floating (DLD)

I never knew you could float in 2D gamemodes.

visual glitch again, refresh. This feels like that one glitch where instead of smoothly falling down in dld you bounce up and down while falling

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yeah, this has happened to me before, do what @ShinyRiolu said and it will fix itself.
dld is incredibly glitchy.

If you swap to a different tab, your player will freeze where it is, even if it is in midair.

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Simple, Vecna.

In all seriousness, this usually happens when a player joins the game but then leaves the tab and goes into another tab.


Please mark a solution if you have one

@FersionSpeedy - It happens when the player doesn’t switch to that tab - also this isn’t about gkc.


please only post bugs about gkc this is considered off-topic and goes in the device category cuz that where the off topic dump is :confused:

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The resolved tag is unused due to the ability to mark solutions. Remove it and mark a solution to close this.

It’s sometimes used for old topics.

It is unused now. Solutions took the place of it. The “resolved” tag is redundant.

This has happened to me, but it fixes after starting the game and ending it.

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