The official gimkit creative soundtracks

These are the first ever released soundtracks of the gimkit creative that are allowed. The first one is my most favorite!:star_struck:

Adam Saban — Heroes are Back
Aka. Epic Battle
Ghost Beatz — All Out
Aka. Hip Hop — Neon

I will add more and the official Gimkit soundtracks.

There is guides on this, if you want you could add it to one and have it under Sound Track description. And thsi is too short to be a guide.

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The only reason why it’s so short is because I’m going to add more, including ALL the official gimkit soundtracks from the actual game modes. Is that ok WolfTechnology?

I would say so, but I have learned from making many sites, and moderating on them that you need to watch out for copyright. So before you do i would email just to make sure you can.

this is to short, ad something to it or mark a solution to close it. you are going to get flagged

I’ll add more @potato1!

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I can’t seem to edit it! I don’t know what’s wrong. Can you find a solution?

you ran out of editing time that’s why you can’t edit this guide.

Editing time ran out

You only have so long to edit a post, for your trust level you can only edit for 30 days on a single post. SO you can’t edit because you are out of that 30 day time frame.

Okay, I understand it now.

After editing, does it go back to the timing or does it continue?

it continues, so if you want to edit this post message the mods asking for them to make this post(include a link) to a wiki. That makes it have no time limit.

How do I send it to them?

got to this link and click on the button in the top right labled message.