The next room of my escape

for the next room of my escape house what should I do? I’ve done living room, arcade, lab, sun room, lounge, and kitchen. and I still need a place for the dad and brother to be so keep that in mind.

Secret library
Dining Room

where should the dad be

In his office

@THEHACKER120 I thought you were leaving…?

no I still need more rooms before I publish the map

You could create a secret passage ways and there may a guide that might have just what you need.

Leaving March 11th
aka tomorrow

Make a bathroom

@THEHACKER120 I don’t have a grudge against you lol


wait what do u mean leaving? :frowning:

He is leaving tomorrow

for what? is he like unsubscribing

Nope just not gonna be on

uhh why u gotta plan can’t you just decide?

Yea umm I guess I can
but I like planning

ok cool and @jewel13 don’t mark me as solution mark the post that helped you the most

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for @THEHACKER120 ONLY!!!!

Wait, ur leaving?!

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Yeah I am

Y??? —when u coming back??? :frowning:

Lost motivation in Gimkit. I’m kicking Gimkit our of my life :smiley:
I might come back on May 15th?

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