The most memory efficient sprint mechanic (wip)

Let me clarify a few things. I know there are guides on this, but I have used a different way to make a sprint mechanic than them. There are three main features to my sprint mechanic that I’d like to exploit. It’s simplicity, memory efficiency, and it’s unique device system. Now that we have that covered, let’s get started!


Game overlay
Speed modifier x2

Step 1: The overlay

First, have the overlay type set to button. Choose your overlay position, and put the overlay text sprint. Then, put “When button clicked, transmit on” to “Sprint 1”. In the chanmels section, put “Show overlay when receiving on” to “Sprint 3”, and put " Hide overlay when reveiving on" to “Sprint 1”. That’s it for step one.

Step 2: The repeater

In the repeater, put “Start repeater when receiving on” to “Sprint 1”. Then put “When task occurs, transmit on” to “Sprint 2”. Set the task interval to 1.0, put the stop strategy to number of repititions, and put the number of repititions as the amount of seconds you want the sprint to last. Lastly, put the " Max concurrent tasks per player to 8. That’s it for step two.

Step 3: The counter

Put the starting value at 0. Set the count scope to player, and put the “Increment counter when receiving on” to “Sprint 2”. Make sure the visibility is a no. Then go to the target section. Put the taget value the same as your number of repititions on the repeater. Then put “When target reached, transmit on” to “Sprint 3”. Then got to the channels section and put the “Reset counter when receiving on” to “Sprint 3”. Now onto the last step.

Step 4: The speed modifiers

Set the first speed modifier to “speed-(However fast you want them to sprint)”, and put “Set player to configurated speed when receiving on” to “Sprint 1”. Then put the second speed modifier to “Speed- 1.00”, and put " Set player to configurated speed when receiving on" to “Sprint 3”. Now we’re done!

It is possible to replace the repeater with a trigger loop, but you would have to figure out the channels. Either way, I hope this guide was helpful to you! If I worded the guide wrong, please feel free to tell me so I can fix it. Thanks for using my guide! Btw, I did this on an amazon fire, otherwise I would have added pictures.

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so this is nice and all, but could you add pictures and not use repeaters?


I said in the guide I’m using an amazon fire, and that you could replace the repeater with a trigger loop, if you read it.


I’m getting off so I can start my stream on youtube.



But this is a pretty nice guide! Nice!


Were still doing difficulty stuff? Wow… I… didn’t know that… I completely forgot :neutral_face:


Awesome Guide!!! :smiley: Definitely using this!


The most memory efficient… and it uses a repeater.
Ya can’t call it most memory efficient and use a repeater lol.

Although you did put the message about replacing it with a trigger, if that’s just added as something people have to figure out on their own this isn’t really the most efficient design since the guide doesn’t actually explain how to make it.

Idk lol I just found it funny you said most memory efficient and then used a repeater, I don’t mean any offense here and the guide is an excellent one.


I’m going to add the wip tag so I can figure out how to put a delay in between sprints and also to figure out the trigger loop thing.

Also, aren’t there other guides that show how to do a trigger loop?

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Yes, but you can’t really say a guide is the most optimized when it acknowledges but does not explain a way to optimize the result further lol


Yeah. You could always just link or quote a guide into your guide too.

That’s why I will provide a link to it

doesn’t work, it’ll keep me on sprint forever and wont give me back the button

There’s not supposed to be a back button. It should stop by itself after however long you want. It says that in the guide…