The Mistian kill streak system ⎸Difficulty: 🟩

BUMP, I’m making something like this, but I’m having trouble with displaying the highest streak.

I love this, It’s a real help.

Also, what is it with you and the word BUMP, @gimmaster12345 (?)

Basically, when there’s an old guide, and it’s not at the top of the activity feed, and it’s good, we will, “Bump” the guide and send it back to the top, giving it more attention!

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What do you mean by “displaying?” Is the code right and the overlay doesn’t show? Can you send a screenshot of the block code?

Oh, that makes sense!

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I made a help post with it as an extra question.

The thing works, I just have a multi-player game and I want to show who has the highest streak.

Ah, I’ve solved something like this before. Use the solution. You’ll have to tweak it to fit with the killstreak system, but it shouldn’t be too hard.

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Basically, have two properties, RECENT and RECORD. The record property updates to be the same as recent when recent > record.

why is the work k i l l allowed in posts but not in comments?

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