The MINI-GUIDES to Hollow Knight (Difficulty 3/10 🟩)

Hello! So, I am taking a little break of Hollow Knight to work on GimKart 3D Deluxe[1], and I know how much you guys like your Hollow Knight guides, so I hope this will feed your hunger for a little while…

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WARNING: Includes Blocks

Wowie! Only one warning this time :scream:

Welcome to

The Ultimate Guide MINI-GUIDES to Hollow Knight

Intro: This guide will explain Setting up the Settings (something you guys voted on me doing) and why most things are globally scoped when Hollow Knight is a single player game. Well, lets get started.


  1. Setting Up the Settings
  2. One Player Only
  3. Poll

Miniguide 1: Setting up the Settings

100% of people who voted said that I should create a this mini-guide. Here is the proof:

And since my mo-m like to say the proof is in the pudding:

Anyway, here lets start.


Floor Terrian: Dynamic Stone, as most of Hollow Knight takes place in an underground bug city so Dynamic Stone is appropriate. If you are making Greenpath, Queen’s Gardens, and use Grass, and for City of Tears, Resting Grounds, and Royal Waterways use Stone.
Game Clock: Off. You have infinite time to finish Hollow Knight.
Music Track: N/A. It doesn’t really matter to Hollow Knight, none of the tracks really match the game.
Allow Solo Play: Yes. Hollow Knight is a single player game. In fact in the next mini-guide I will be explaining how to make it one-player only.


Teams: Free for All. It doesn’t really matter (check the next mini-guide), so I just left the default.
Late Players J0ins as Spectators: Yes. Since this is a single player game, we want anyone else who tries to j0in denied.
Ally Indicators: No. There will be no allies, so it is no necessary because there will be no allies.
Enem-y Indicators: No. This can be left up to preference. I would advise not to.
Allow Game Host to Spectate: No. The Game Host must play. They will either be the player, or they will be the one choose the player.

Health & Shield

Max Health: N/A. Doesn’t matter because we will be using pseudo-health.
Max Shield: N/A. Doesn’t matter because we will be using pseudo-health.
Starting Health: N/A. Doesn’t matter because we will be using pseudo-health.
Starting Shield: N/A. Doesn’t matter because we will be using pseudo-health.
Show Health & Shield Bar: No. You’ll never guess why. Because we will be using pseudo-health.
Spawn Immunity: 0. Because when you respawn on a bench, you will be in a safe area.
PvP Damage Enabled: N/A. Because this is a single player game.


Use Leaderboard: No. This is a single-player game. There is no winner.


Item Slots: I will be using 3. One for the “nail”, one for Vengeful Spirit and Desolate D-ive, and one for Howling Wraiths.
Refill Duration: Default. There is a slight cooldown between spell uses.
Allow [INSTERT] Drop: No. Guess what? It is a single player game… They’ll have no one to drop to.
Gadget & Item Respawn: Yes. In Hollow Knight, when you di-e you keep your abilities.
Resource Respawn: No. When you di-e, your Shade gains all your geo. You lose it all.
Infinite Durability: No. In Hollow Knight, your nail has no durability. It would only make the game more stressful and irritating.


Disable Knockout Messages from Feed: Yes. There is really no need for them.

Miniguide 2: One Player Only.

Okay, so a couple of people raised concerns about why this is a single player game and how almost everything is globally scoped. Well, if it is a one-player game how do we make sure that only one player can play? Two ways: Softlocking the game, stopping them from doing anything unless they end the game and start with only one player or having all but one player be a spectator.

Method 1: Softlock


  • 1x Trigger
  • 1x Pop-Up
  • 1x End Game

First Things First

The first thing you will need to do is follow this guide…

I’ll wait… :yawning_face: :clock: :clock: :clock: tick, tock, tick, tock. Okay back? Good?
Okay now go into the Num Players Property and set it to broadcast on Check for 1 when it updates.


Have the trigger trigger when receiving on Check for 1 and then run this blockcode:

If the game has more than one player, it will broadcast on that channel.


Set the header to Too Many Players! and set the content to Your game has too many players. Hollow Knight is a one player game, please only play it with one player. Try again. Have it open when receiving on Too Many Players. Closable by player should be set to No. Have the CTA be named Okay, I understand and broadcast on End Game.

When there are too many players a Pop-Up will warn the players not to j0in with multiple players. Then it softlocks them into only clicking the CTA. It looks like this:

End Game

End the game when receiving on End Game.

When the game starts with too many players, the game will force the players to end the game.

The only problem with this method is you can be accused of grinding plays.

Method 2: Spectators

I might add more ways to choose who is spectator.


  • 1x Trigger
  • 1x Team Switcher

First Things First

The first thing you will need to do is follow this guide…

Got it? Okay, lets move on?

Make the property Player ID broadcast on Host Player when it updates.


Have this trigger trigger when receiving on Host Player and run this blockcode:

With the Player ID system, the host will almost always be Player ID 1. Since we want the host to be the player, if they aren’t then it will transmit on Spectator.

Team Switcher

Set Switch Strategy to Specific Team and have the team set to Spectators. This should happen when receiving on Spectator.

When receiving on Spectator it will switch to team Spectator.


I limit this to 1-5/10 because this is NOT that hard.

What is the difficulty?
  • 1/10 :blue_square:
  • 2/10 :green_square:
  • 3/10 :green_square:
  • 4/10 :yellow_square:
  • 5/10 :yellow_square:
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Outro: Thanks for reading! Be on a lookout for the next Hollow Knight guide! I hope you guys are enjoying these guides. It makes my day when I help people. :slight_smile: (Also, @tired_rat should be back next guide)
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  1. And because I need a break from this coding… I nearly broke down in tears because the pop-up wouldn’t show THE NAME OF THE CHARM. I need a little break ↩︎


you mean like the indie game thingy hollow knight


This Is A Great Guide @harharharhar83 Hope You finish Hollow Knight Soon!!! :smile:

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Another :star2: AMAZING :star2: Hollow Knight Guide!!!


this is nice! i really liked the pudding thing lol. and note: 3/10 is :green_square:

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Can’t wait for Hollow night to be finished!


If you found this say it in the comments!! Don’t tell anyone where it is
Perfect Hiding @harharharhar83
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Ah is hollow knight the best game ever. Great job on this.

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Agreed I Played Hollow Knight Yesterday For 3 Hours


This is the best guide I’ve seen in a while! It’s good to see that people are still putting quality into their work. Great job!

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