The last polls winners

the 3 winners of last 3 polls
  • undertale
  • an anime game
  • and a game chosen by yall
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You can make another poll in the other topic.

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true fr

this is last poll fr fr

this is like your 5th topic today

How do you plan on making anime?

I have some games in mind

you dont have to duplicate it just keep it there


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exuse me but no offense you the id1ot you probably haven’t read the faq right well READ THAT AND THEN TALK. PERIOD.

no offense but i hope you get suspended

honestly what was the point of making like the same topic 4 times

it didnt close just marked a solution you could of done it there?!?

ok got a problem like dang haven’t even been on gimkit forms for 5 weeks and this happens

I just made this account

ok i know i already welcomed you and all but im just saying please dont do this again. okay?

only regulars can make it so others can check

see ya I got stuff to do

i dont want to start an argument thats going to make the community bad
a lot of OGs left cause of it

oh my bad i didnt know

well sorry how I acted

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its good hope we can be friends in the forums!