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So right now I haven’t started working on it but in a theory how would you make it so that the person with the most kills will be marked on the map for everyone to see

This is for my BSB map rn

Well, Is that possible, I’ll check for ya!

thanks @TaigaBiome

I dont bilieve you can make a waypoint to show but let me check.

Well, you would need to compare the same player scoped property for multiple different people, then the one with the highest number gets broadcasted on for that player and activates a waypoint.

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Yeah, I agree with @ClicClac

Ties would require multiple waypoints.

never mind you can

well i thought of doing something like that but heres the thing I need a relay to do this for every single person and someone keep that property the same for that player to see if it is greater than everyone elses

hold on ima try make one right now.

Every time someone gets a kill, give them a bait. Every time you need to check, give each player the amount of bait they had in bananas. Then, check for all players if the amount of banana is greater than one. If true, decrease the amount of bananas everyone has by one and run it again. If false, activate the waypoint for that player. This may not work, so let me know if it doesn’t!

hmmm I could do that maybe but I can see a flaw in that

Where did I mess up?

Is it is not greater than which which means the LAST PLACE PERSON will get tracked not the first place

Anyways I will pick up this topic sometime next week

What do you mean it is not greater than? What’s not greater than what?

thats exactly what i just made

Did it work?

pretty decently. I feel like it could be done better though

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or at least more efficeintly… But if it works, It works!

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