The keycards how to use?

How are the key cards suppose to work is there a gate for it, or what is it used for. I am trying to make so the keycards unlock a door, but don’t know even how to use them.

you can use a keycard for that certain item, tell me if this works! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can use this guide,

Or just place a vending machine and have it require a keycard, and wire it to a barrier and have it deactivate on purchase.

When button pressed > checker checks for specific key, if passes unlock gate / barrier deactivate.

Need me to show images?

If you want the thing from one way out, put the GateWay prop, a hidden button and vending machine, and require the keycard and wire it by channels(no memory) or wires(10 memory each)

You don’t need a checker, it uses a vending machine on a specific card, you don’t need to get that complex.

Ohhhh I’m sorry that’s just how i used it

Your fine, we all use thing differently because thats just how our brains work.

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