The Gimkit Awards- Voting Information!

Gimkit Awards Info About Voting

Voting is probably the most frequently asked about thing regarding the Gimkit Awards, so this entire topic is just gonna talk about how the voting process will work and everything like that. If you have any other questions, just leave a reply!

The first voting stage

The first voting stage is the nomination stage. In this stage, you are able to nominate any one person or map for each category. After this period is over, the 6 most nominated maps/people in each category will move on to the second vote. This first voting stage will only consist of the 10 originally announced categories.

The second voting stage

The second voting stage is the finals stage. Here, you’ll vote for one of the 6 maps/people who made it to the finals in each category. In each category, whoever receives the most, second most, and third most votes will receive a prize corresponding to how they placed! You’ll also have the option to vote in the for-fun categories regarding things like the best skin and gadget. You’ll vote for only one thing in each of the for-fun categories as well.


The nomination vote will start on May 1st, and will last until the end of May 7th.

There will then be a week long interlude during which the nominees will be announced.

The finals vote will start on May 14th and will last until May 21st.

Sometime in the following week, the winners will be announced!

Qualifications for categories

Although all of the voting will be done by you all, the Gimkit community, me and unstable will still be checking to ensure that the nominated maps/people actually qualify for their categories. In other words, no nominating MrBeast for best Gimkit Youtuber lol (he doesn’t make Gimkit youtube videos). Here are the qualifications for each category:

Most Unique Battle Royale: Map is a battle royale map.

Best Creative Game: Map exists lol
Best Adventure Game: Map is a creative game in which the main feature is the player adventuring/exploring through the map.
Best GKC Minigame: Think mario party- a map containing a side game/quest/thing.
Best Classroom Game: Has to be a multiplayer game, needs to be designed to be played in the classroom (so it incorporates question answering in a prominent way.)
Best Game Remake in Gimkit: Needs to be a game that exists outside of Gimkit recreated within the game.
Best Gimkit Youtuber: This person needs to make Gimkit Youtube content. Has to have made multiple videos on the game.
Best Gimkit Fanartist: This person needs to have made multiple pieces of Gimkit-related fanart.
Best GKC Artist: This person needs to have made multiple pieces of any art within Gimkit creative.
Best GKC Gamemaker: Someone who has made multiple Gimkit creative games.

If needed, we will request proof of work from those nominated to ensure they belong in the category. Other than checking for qualifications, we do not influence the voting process in any other way- it’s all you all!

Random other bits of information

  • Voting will take place through a google form
  • The google form will be sent out at the start of each voting period
  • Announcement of nominees and finalists will be in both a post and a YouTube video.

Ooh, cool! Also, 2nd post!


Refer to the highlighted part-is it going to be on your Blackhole927 channel (don’t ask how I found about that lol), your gimkit news channel or some other person’s channel?
Btw, it’s okay if you don’t want to answer the question since it could give some spoilers


That was a good ideaa making a topic on this; people keep asking about it

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Am I allowed to nominate myself? Idc about it being cringe, just wanna check. :smile_cat:

yeah, but i believe unstable said it was cringe as it’s egotistical (no offense btw) and kinda ruins the anticipation to get nomimated by other people (thats the whole point of the gimkit awards lol)

Absolutely! It’s heavily frowned upon, but you totally can nominate yourself.

You’re right on the money, it does (at least somewhat) ruin the anticipation.


Tbh, I don’t care about the anticipation. I’m not in it to be egotistical, I just don’t think anyone knows enough about my games to nominate me, so I’ll have to do it myself.

Okay, thanks! :rofl:


Noice yeah everyone did keep asking about this…
Nonetheless, I’m excited for May 1st!


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I have no clue why, but the forums aren’t loading on my blackhole927 account for some reason. Will fix it once they load, thanks for pointing out!


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We’ll probably make a new channel for the videos, so we can’t be accused of farming subs/likes/views.


speak for yourself, I’m totally making my own “behind the scenes” gimkit awards video at some point lol
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Uh, I don’t know how people would think that but thanks for answering the question :)
Can’t wait for may!

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Not if I get to it first on my channel!
(Which we both know will happen soon I swear probably never.)

But yeah, it also makes sure the perception isn’t that only one of us is running the event this way too.


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when are they giving us the link to vote?

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