The Creative Discovery Search Does Not Work

Apperantly, i was bored, so i decided to play my favorite game.

However, when i search up my favorite game’s name, it shows other people’s games, and that wasn’t the game i was looking for.

See these:

(no hate to other games)

Gimkit, please fix this.

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please change the title as it is offensive

Is that better?

it searches by description, not title
simply always put the name of your game in the description


i guess so, but when making topics please don’t use offensive names

Ah well.

Gimkit should have made it so you could have searched it by title anyway.

yeah true

i know @Blackhole927 made a better version of it tho
u can ask him


I did- only problem is that it can’t be maintained due to lack of hosting.
I can confirm though, only search by map title makes the search engine 80x better.


Don’t mark a solution unless the bug itself actually fixed. And I can’t even find my own maps lol.

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