The Coralian Version on Dice (That Are Visually Pleasing!) 3/10 or 🟩


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@Coral, does this still work?

because I have a few questions

Coral is inactive and won’t reply.

I can try to answer your questions.

ok, so on the block code, what device do I put the block code on? (also I have to go to lunch )

It’s in a trigger.

ok, what are the wire conection thing? (so like when button pressed-- ?)

I assume ‘start repeater.’

ok, (this is kinda helping @wingwave) ok what about the conectionton the trigger?

What does asking for a rating have to do with discord?

@ here actually does ping people on forums if you do so correctly.

I assume ‘trigger.’ As in triggering the trigger.

O7 to coral. I gonna miss her…

The here ping actually works for TL2 and TL3.

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@Dark_Hydra what happened to coral?