The Cod_Zombian way to make a purchasable door! (Credit goes to @Coolcaden26 for the name)

First, spawn in a vending machine then go to Required Item, set the amount etc, but make sure that item is actually an item to be able to obtain! Make sure the granted item is empty, and make sure the vending machine will NOT show!
Screenshot 2024-05-23 8.35.04 AM
Screenshot 2024-05-23 8.34.26 AM Wire then hidden vending machine to an object that can block your path, like a barrier. Once done, it should all look this this:
Screenshot 2024-05-23 1.25.00 PM
Buy the door and it will now become purchasable! Enjoy!

This is great for one way out games.

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Thanks! Glad that you found this!

This guide has been made several times -_-


There are so many door guides, they made Resources for Doors. This is like, the biggest resources guide ever, too. But nice guide, you explained it well.


Yeah, and so what? Even though it has been, this is what I choose to make. Plus, I made this as part of my Cod Zombies map/ map tutorial.

interesting, this is a pretty good door design.

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I suppose, but I usually play Call Of Duty. After playing GKC maps, I soon realized the next realistic update to my maps

Thank you, feel free to use it

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here’s a suggestion though: if this is how YOU build doors, maybe make the title of the guide reflect it, like “the Cod_Zombian way to purchase a door” or something like that.

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Thanks! I updated the name and gave you credit

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you can put the credit in the post to prevent long topic names.

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this is a little simple… not that special either

Please stay on topic, @Epi320

i am just giving you ideas on why this is not needed

You didn’t list an idea, only a reason. Please do not get off topic

It could be considered simple, but simple guides tend to help and be faster to attempt. The “special” part, it doesn’t make sense what you mean. Not all guides are supposed to give off a vibe of “Wow! I can finally do this now!” Mainly most of them are “Whoa! Cool guide, i’ll be sure to use it soon” kind of vibes

ok! i dont want to argue, and pls dont take offense from my comments :sweat_smile:
its still pretty good, its just that i think there are alrdeay guides that teach this.

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I think there are already guides on this.


Yeah, most people tend to describe it in their own way