The Cheesian Looping Animation System [Difficulty 3/10 or 🟩]

Cool Guide!

Hey Billy!

I think it’s due time for a BUMP! (you can do that to your own posts, right?)

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Hello “Cheese Box” ! It is I, The great Papyrus! I find this guide interesting. I might use it for a trap. Undyne will be so proud, I’m sure to become a Royal Guard member!


Welcome tho the forums, @COOLSKELETON95!

just gonna bump this because i would say something, but i remembered this was HIS way to do it

for morepeko

@Morepeko8 , that was a bad explanation. the better one is that actions have consequences and you refuesed to face them

also, where was i supposed to credit you? i have an assignment to do, so gtg

and power doesn’t corrupt me, it’s just when people refuse to just own it (like hacker owned it even though he did a lot of things wrong)

This is an ironclas guide. pls tell me you get it

Nice guide! Helped a lot! :slight_smile:

4 spike only-if u not him, no reading

Like I care -_- @eiqcrmeliutgwhc
Truly disappointed that ur telling me what to do, JUST like the French Revolution thing-u led that, and now power curropts u, he.ll naw I’m listing to ANYTHING U SAY. U didnt even give me cred 4 the infiltration of the password, AND 4 feeding u the info!!

I can use one of my essays on yall’s childish feud :smiley: just remember dat so pls dont start this foolishness again ._.

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