The change size button doesn't show on zone

This topic has been posted several times, but I can’t seem to find the change size button. I have refreshed and everything else, please help. this is my last post

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Wow that’s weird

I guess your leaving? Well o7.
Try refreshing first and if that doesn’t work email:

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I will email them in just a sec


Due to toxicity from one user (I’m not pointing fingers) I’m leaving.

wait so this is your second post? Why did you create a new one?

No like other people posted the same thing The change size button doesn’t show on zone Why is there no change size for zone

Why is this happening? Is it happening to any other people. I don’t see anything in the GKC changelogs.

Is this happening to anyone else?

sorry but I think you got to create a new map… yeah that’s the only solution for now (if you REALLY don’t have much in your map). I don’t think Jeff can directly go into your map and fix the bug bc of a few people and emailing Gimkit takes forever to get a response.
EDIT: Or you can use a ton of memory and place a bunch of zones.

I did, but It don’t work. Everything doesn’t work, and I can’t email

what doesn’t work…?

Creating a new map, restarting my device, deleteing the zone and replacing it. Nothing.

so it is a user bug. got it. using multiple zones still stands…

Ok, will try! thanks

oh and o7 to you. hopefully the forums are better if you ever come back! :smiley:

Close it out and open it again (i mean get out of the device configuration then get in). It sometimes happens.


It dont work.

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@Cellofive is this a removed feature or just a user bug?

Also sorry for the ping

I’m not a gimkit expert, why did you ping me

I was just wondering if you noticed it in the editor, Im trying to see if its just me or Gimkit removed it.