The buttons are moving DO NOT REPLY PLEASE! (Gimkit Game Inside)

Look they aren’t on the screen (some are halfway off screen) (I’m hosting just so you know)

oh by the way This is the whole screen

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i don’t see any buttons on that, nor props moving. Can you show me exactly were the issue is at?

on the top one I can see the Buttons (the 2 ones in the top left corner) on the bottom one I cant see them… (they are the exact same size picture)

Are they? The code is in the first one, but it isn’t in the second.

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yes they are moving 100% (thought I just report this bug I am good at finding bugs LOL) I get a lot of bugs all the time…

In the first, you can see the top left, but no others. The second, you can see the ones on the right. I think you are moving the camera. It may be the same size, but moved on the screen.

  1. I don’t think you can have the j0in code in the screenshot.
  2. You probably zoomed in. Press control+0 (or command+0 if it happens on Mac) to reset the zoom if it happens again.

At first that was my first thought too but that doesn’t seem to be the case

Here is a screenshot of my screen zoomed in on firefox (does the same on google)

@BANANAER are you on mobile?

@NoNoWahoo having the j0in code in the screenshot doesn’t really matter as long as it is no longer active :+1:

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That’s using the traditional Ctrl + / Ctrl -. If you put two fingers on your touchpad and then spread them apart, the whole screen will zoom in on wherever your cursor is. I can’t seem to do that on my own Gimkit game, (but it works on the forums), so maybe it is something else.

Oh, okay. Thanks for letting me know.

You can use the two finger method when your mouse is on certain objects or the game is in a certain state. For example, putting your mouse on the game c0de then zooming works but putting it on your gim doesn’t. Also you can zoom from anywhere when editing a device. My guess is that they were actually already zoomed in before they opened the map and didn’t notice.

Thanks! Forgot about the touchpad. I usually use a mouse

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No I am not on Mobile

code leaked

did you not read the last 5 post… sigh if the code is no longer active it doesn’t matter.


welp I’ma mark solution please do not reply or anything (I fixed it) (If you want to play the game this is what it is called (Five Nights at Gim’s) And this is the cover page)

Pretty sure that’s advertising. I would edit that out if I were you…

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