The bug is back

Jeffo said this bug was fixed, but somehow it came back.

I’m saving this into my gallery forever. This is a rare chance, since josh fixed the bug (even though it appeared to me)


if u too lazy to read

When the gim sprite bug occurs, it means there’s a possible chance gimkit will release an update today or they’re working on it

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I’m confused, what do you need from us?

Jeffo said that the Gim sprite lags were fixed, but it appeared for me.

that was a long time ago, they’re working on DLD so maybe that’s why?
But you’re right, it’s not just you!
this is funny :rofl:

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You got Graph Paper!?

man getting a legendary skin makes you reach your xp limit

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Wait, there’s a new update?

THEY ADDED THE BALL DEVICE (no results for ball but there is a ball capture zone, maybe the ball is on it.)


your gim supposed to have cyan eyes?
((also WOOO CONES))

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that’s cool looking!

I just played a Creative map and got this bug too.

They just added a new device.

It seems like if you get this bug, gimkit’s working on a new update.

lots of people are also online right now testing the update

When gimkit made this update, they changed the way spritesheets for gims work. This caused the bug to reappear.

It has since been fixed.

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