The Block Party Bug

My charater of the block party keeps changing to ores? what.
imageput the link in a web.

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Welcome to the forums @Gimkit_record_bugs! Please read the FAQ/ guidelines! This is not GKC related.

It’s supposed to do that


how does it happen ?

it goes to dirt to sand then to stone then ruby

It’s an animation, but it’s a little different from the others

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Welcome To Pr- I Mean The Gimkit Forums read the FAQ/Guidelines Pretty Please


that’s what it does
it even says it
on the description of the gim

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its supposed to do that, that’s the entire point of the gim.

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please mark solitian before this makes a clutter; also it is supposed to be like that

yea its suppose to do that

Grammer correction!:computer:
I also recommend restating the statement into…

“Please mark a solution because this can clutter up the Forums, also is it meant to do something like that?”

If this made you angry please note that I am sorry for coming out of the blue, and correcting you…

@Random_dude123 your fine I don’t mind at all.

It is animated, it is supposed to do that, please mark a solution :white_check_mark: so this does not clutter the forums, as @BANANAER mentioned. Also, welcome to the forums, @Gimkit_record_bugs!