The Bigfootian Cooldown System

So most of you guys remember the Bigfootian Ability Timer. Now, on there someone said it was genius, and I agree for the most part. However, there is one major flaw with that. The problem is the fact you could spam the ability as much as you would like, without a cooldown to prevent that from happening. So, I took it upon myself and made a cooldown system, that can work independently but can also work with the ability timer.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 Game Overlay
  • 2 Speed Modifiers*
  • 3 Wire Repeaters
    *These will be the abilities for your cooldown system. They can be whatever you would like, I am just using Speed Modifiers for the build.
Building the Cooldown System

Before we start building, we need to configure some things first. Go into one Wire Repeater and set the delay to as long as you want the ability to last. (I am using 3 seconds.) Your settings should look like this:

Now make another wire repeater with the same settings, and now we can move on with the Speed Modifiers. Open one Speed Modifier, and change the settings to 2x speed, or 2.00 speed. Also, make sure it changes the speed when receiving on a channel. Once that is done you should have something that resembles this:

Now this can get confusing, so I added a picture. For reference, the Speed Modifier and the Wire Repeater on the left of me both have their default settings. The Speed Modifier and the two Wire Repeaters to the right of me have the changed settings.

Finally, take the Game Overlay and apply these settings:

Now you are done, and we can move on to wiring.


First, take the game overlay and wire it into the repeater without a delay. Then wire the repeater without a delay to the overlay so that when the button is pressed, it sends a pulse that then hides the overlay. The settings should look like this:

If you have noticed in the picture below, I have included a red square around a Speed Modifier and a Wire Repeater. This is for reference so you can tell which one has the default settings.

Now you are going to wire the Game Overlay to a repeater with the delay. Then wire that to the Speed Modifier in red.

Here should be the wires for the Wire Repeater in that step:

Finally, do what we did in step one with the Wire Repeater with the delay. Here should be the wires for that repeater:

Now you are done with the cooldown system! This can apply to multiple genres of games like RPGs, Adventure Games, and many others.

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cool guide!

this is a nice guide

Nice guide, @I_Am_Bigfoot

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Nice guide, @I_Am_Bigfoot!

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great guide!

though how would i use this in order to set a cool down on game overlay?

Iā€™m not sure on how you could get a visual overlay cooldown.