The Art of Detecting The Undetected

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This is all about detecting when something does NOT happen. Like detecting if a channel hasn’t been broadcast on. Where do we even start?

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Here are some first things to do to make sure the channel broadcasts.

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Ooooo coool! Hope this can be filled with lots of interesting stuff!

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i have some ideas, and @Shdwy also wants to make stuff about this. Its a very broad topic, so I made this a wiki.


Interesting idea. I wish I had more knowledge about this type of stuff and could help.

Nice wiki!

there’s literally nothing on it yet lmao

ok so my first thoughts for this are that we need a tick clock. basically, if something ISNT receiving a signal every tick, then you send out a signal.

but how do we do a tick clock

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I don’t really like a tick clock, unless you’re saying delayed recursion and something to do with activation states.

Why would this have anything to do with recursion?

all im thinking is that if a player is moving a movement meter sends out a signal every tick (i believe) and then if that signal is matched every tick youre good but if not than you know the player isnt moving

So I’m thinking about storing if the channel is broadcasted on in a trigger activation state. If the trigger is active, the channel hasn’t broadcasted. We need recursion to trigger the trigger.

But how do you turn it back on after it’s been broadcasted?

Don’t you need some sort of instant device?

(like a tick clock)

@HiMoThYjustgoated please don’t check the “are you editing?” box if you aren’t editing.

Its just a concept, not a full blown solution.

First, add in a zone that gives the player an item when in it, and takes it away when leaving it. Then, place down a repeater. On wire pulse, have it increment a counter-property. Then ALSO on wire pulse, but after due to AUO, have it transmit to a channel if the item number is = 1. If true, reset the counter. ALSO ALSO on wire pulse, but after all of this, have a checker check if the property is equal to 0. If false, transmit on channel. (I just realized this might not be a tick clock)

Nice wiki/guide @getrithekd !


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