The Art of Concatenation: Credits to @Zypheir and @Blackhole927- Difficulty 7.5/10 or 🟧

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This is kinda confusing :[

you just use existing patterns to simplify block code (or just simplify it outright)

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Nevermind, the guide is just poorly-worded. I get it now.

If “Get property” “BUMP” is “B and U and M and P”
Do "Brodcast message on channel ‘MEGA BUMP’ "

My eyes!

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Ahhh… this brings back some nostalgia.


the art of war
nice guide!!
this is gonna help me a lot

so if i understand correctly, basicwlly youre able to simplify else if loops to

set [var] to random integer from # to #
create text with broadcast message on channel [ch name]

and if i’m correct, the channel should broadcast on [channel name] and the value of the variable, so then you could create channels that receive on from the first # (number) to the last one?

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i wish @Zypheir came back hes really good at explaining this type of stuff and it could benefit the newgens

me too :sob:


im making a guide on uneven concatenation, it will be drop… soon
sneak peak below:



I’m not sure that a linear regression would be the best for this… You’d need it to perfectly fit the points, which linear regressions typically can’t do.

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Erm, that’s cool and all, but the guide may or may not just be an excuse to ramble about unrelated topics for a while and its not supposed to be totally accurate, as shown in a disclaimer at the start mr rithek

Okay, I just realized that i said “Okay,” way too much in the guide. Hope y’all are fine with that.

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