The Among Us Venting System(Updated with Popups)

Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re thinking: Hey! There’s already two guides about this. But now, I’m making ANOTHER extension. An extension of @NavyCatZ 's guide: How to Let the Imposter Hide in Vents 🟧
Whichhhh means this is an extension of @Im_Pretty_Cool 's guide(it’s mentioned in @NavyCatZ 's guide). So credit to BOTH @Im_Pretty_Cool AND @NavyCatZ.

Just saying, this will be short, since this is a SMALL extension of their guides. Ok, let’s start:

@NavyCatZ used Game Overlays for the teleporters. Yes, make it the pretty much exact same as that. Just, instead, we are using Popups. Yes, I am sure you are thinking: What? A Popup? How can we use that? The answer is: The Call to Action. You’ve heard it? Good. No? Also Good. Let me explain it to you. The Call to Action section is a section where you can list, at most, two buttons. These two buttons, of course, can be clicked.

Now, wire your newly modified popup to your teleporter from before, and clicking ‘Primary Call to Action(First button) Clicked → Teleport Player Here’ or ‘Secondary Call to Action(Second Button) Clicked → Teleport player here’. It depends on where you are going. For example, if your Primary call to action is supposed to teleport you to somewhere(For example(In a for example), Admin), You would do the first possibility. If your Secondary call to action was supposed to teleport you somewhere, you would use the second possibility. Both work, but you have to depend on what and where your button is directing you.

The reason I think Popups would be MUCH easier than game overlays is this: Game Overlays are TOO ‘invisible’. Popups, however, can show up in the middle of your screen and notify you. Of course, if you don’t click on it, you won’t be able to unless you exit then re-enter the vent. I will show you how to solve this now:
Ok, place a Wire Repeater with delay 10 secs. Wire the Popup to the Wire Repeater, wire ‘Popup Closed → Send wire pulse(Or something)’. Then, wire the Wire Repeater to the Popup wire ‘(The only option) → Open Popup’. That will make the popup Pop Up every 10 seconds. You can make it longer if you want.

Ok, now I think you’re thinking about how you are going to make the Popup ‘Pop Up’(Pun. Haha). Just wire your zone to the popup, so that when a player enters the zone, show popup.

You’re done now! I hope this update helped!

P.S. This was supposed to be short. But I guess it didn’t turn out like that :grin:


Nice guide! Remember though, a picture says a thousand words.

[ :loudspeaker: PSA!] Pictures are powerful!


I will add stuff next week

Thanks this guide will be really helpful for my among us map. Right now I have a really basic verting system which is not really good. this will help me make me a lot better.

Please do add pictures soon though because I would really like to see what it looks like before I make it.

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I will don’t worry Today is one of my rare days to be online


Great guide, @Blizzy! That’s bound to help people!


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