Text in PopUps - Calling Players Name

I want to make an Popup for everyone

I have a trigger connected to a relay connected to an overlay.

How do I get the Popup to say the Players name has finished.

I tried this in blocks but I get a blank Popup

does the popup activate on game start? and do you have a default wording in the popup? that is needed for it to show

yeah, you need smth there for it to work

This is what it looks like when the trigger is triggered

BLANK at the bottom, should say TEECHER is finished (according to the Blocks)

Have you tried creating two popups? I learned they work best with zones. Also, it is spelled T-E-A-C-H-E-R

You’re supposed to connect the set header and set context together. Try that.


Did you make sure you selected
‘On wire pulse’ for when the blocks run?


Yes that is very important in the process.

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ay wait what happened to the other guy

just use a notification it works better and can do without the relay cuz in the settings u can choose to broadcast to all players and this method seems to be well…buggy

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Connect the set header and set content together.

Guys please don’t get off-topic. Thanks.

No, they don’t have to be connected

Getting gif soon

I had a notification and it worked.

But I wanted to make everyone STOP! and see who has finished. (at least the first)

So, looking for a way to get everyone to stop.

Ah. ok. didnt know that.

Just turn off their speed and then turn it back on.

activate a movement meter when the notification pops up and it´ll make everyone stop because they dont have the random required item needed to move or use magenta´s method and just use a speed modifier to set their speed to 0 when the notification pops up (btw if ur going to use magenta´s method give him the credit of the solution not me)

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No its fine. You explained it so you get the solution.

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