Text help sort of?

how do you make it so text flashes across players screens in a sequence?

Use a popup device. Activate and deactivate it really quick.

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or text device

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is it possible to click a button in game and it shows the text long enough for people to see then it shows different text?


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how? this has to be 20 characters.

Well would you like the player to be able to move forward after reading?

well i want them to be stuck in place then after all the text has gone through then i want them to move but I want it to show the instructions to ALL the players.

You can hide text between these: < >

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but can i make it appear in a sequence?

Then use a pop up, make it NOT close able by player, and have Call to Action labels take you to the next section (another pop up) until the last popup, where it will close

what are the call to action lables

In the Pop Up device’s settings
There is a tab dedicated to them. It makes it so you can have 1 or 2 buttons with the text (for you, it could be a next button)

how do I make it take you to the next page like what do I put in the call to action lables thing?

One second and i will add a picture…

This is what your first one would look like. The channel should open another popup, with your next instructions and a new channel name (ex: Next2)

Then, in the game and after adding the text you want, it will look like this:

how do I make it apply to ALL players?

Connect it to a life cycle device set on Game Start?

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