Text-Based Games

Anyone have ideas for text-based games? I think I want it to have some sort of multiplayer playability, maybe even PvP.

By text-based, I mean some game where I have to do almost no art and the text does all the work because I’m lazy not good at art.

What do u mean by text-baased games?

Uh… text-based games?

I guess you can search it up in wikipedia; hold on lemme get a link

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oh im not good at this
@Haiasi @WolfTechnology, @wingwave @Shdwy


Maybe make tower defense

Hmm… Tower defense but text-based???


Whats goin

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about a text-based game.

So it’s basically just a game with a buncha text (?).

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I mean… yes? Just want some ideas for them.

Maybe you can make a 2d platformer with text. Apollo already did that. It’s possible, I’m sure of it.

You want a completely new idea or can it be based off another game? An RPG, perhaps?

I guess so, both are fine.

@Txme_Lxss … I’m not making a whole platformer out of text (by text I’m excluding emojis for the most part).


Text based games are definitely possible, in 2d atleast.

3d, I don’t know. But I did see you guys develop it earlier like a week ago.

But wouldn’t the hardest part be like multiplayer? (If your gonna include it)

Not really, just some scope settings need changing for the most part I think.


Maybe you could try developing something like DOOM.

I saw some guy once develop it on a calculator, lol. But it could be just a basic destroy a few enemies then get through a objective game.

But I think before doing something but, you guys should test out something really basic and see if it works.

I’m done with 3D- it has taken too many years off my life already lol

On the other hand, by text-based I mostly mean actually using text to communicate with the player (for example, a text-based turn-based dungeon crawler), or people communicating with each other.


Alright. Sounds good!

This is too confusing and definitely out of my field. I think I’ll go somewhere else.

But best of luck to you, hopefully memory doesn’t ruin it.

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Still looking for any ideas, although for now I’m working on chess.