Teleporter help for cops and robbers

So in my cops and robbers map I want to have it so when you press a button it choses a random player inside a zone to teleport out
Not the function on the relay because a random player in a zone not in the map is there any way to do this? :grinning:

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Ooh, inside the zone? Let me do some brainstorming and testing.

  1. When player enter zone change a property to true

  2. Use the relay to random player

  3. If random player has property of true then proceed else if property equals false run again and get a new random player

Make sure the property is player scoped. Also this uses block coding

Also make sure to change the property back to false once they leave the zone (when you teleport them out)

@Cellofive (pinging you just because this could cause problems if you didn’t see this edit)

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I will try this later I will tell you if it works


Make sure the property’s set to a number.


No true false is simpler but you could also use a number. @Cellofive tell me if you have any trouble making this!


Ok I saw your edit. Thanks for letting me know

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