Teleporter Cooldown

How do I make a teleporter, that when a player teleports, for the next player to teleport, there is a cooldown?

Something like this:

Teleporter (player teleported) → relay → barrier activated
trigger clock (amount of time in delay) → relay → barrier deactivated

Any questions?

I was gonna suggest the same Idea thanks @wingwave

can you make a guide on it? bc I don’t really understand what you mean :frowning:

here lemme show you some images


  1. Okay, so first, place a barrier around each of your teleporters.

  2. Make the scope of both of your barriers to global.

  3. Make them deactivated on game start, and make them activate when receiving on channel “Cooldown”, and make them deactivate when receiving on channel “CooledDown”

  4. Place down two triggers, one next to each of your teleporters.

  5. Make each trigger broadcast on channel “Cooldown” when triggered. Wire the teleporter to the trigger on both instances. When Player Teleported here-----trigger.

  6. Place down another trigger, and set the delay to 5 seconds. Make it trigger when receiving on channel “Cooldown” Then make it so when it is triggered it will broadcast on channel “CooledDown”

Then you should have a set of teleporters that will activate the barriers around them when someone teleports through them, and then deactivate the barriers after 5 seconds.
(I just wrote a whole mini guide lol)


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