Teleporter confusion

when someone gets teleported is there a way to make it so people on team 1 teleport to the team 1 side, while team 2 gets teleported to the team 2 side?

but from one teleporter

I don’t think it can be teleported from only one teleporter, when you have one entrance teleporter, and 2 exit teleporters, it randomizes which one you come out of, so you are forced to have 2 entrance and exit teleporters

Unless you use spawn pads for each team

ok <asldkjlkjdjklkjl;kj;lkj;lkj;lkj;d>

sorry those were extra characters

Its ok, if you need anymore help, you can ask me

Use the team feature in the teleporter.

wait, they have a team setting for teleporters!

I didn’t know either.

Actually, you can just use a wire repeater gate.


Make both be in the same group, and the starter teleporter be targeting that group

how do you make one of those, I’m not good with wires, I mainly do prop art like the Cod zombies perk machines

can you explain that? i dont know what a wire repeater gate is, sorry

Idk. I’m on mobile right now, so I can’t check. I just remember seeing one maybe.

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