Teleportation Help

How do i make it so if a host presses a button, everyone will teleport to an area (i know how to do that), but how do i make it so if a player gets knocked out, they’ll respawn on a random spot in the area?

Lifecycle (knocked out)
Teleporter with a target group of a lot of teleporters= random teleporter
Or just spawn pads


I kinda need another way to do that…

I don’t think you can make a random area. But you can place random spawn pads
(if you’ve ever played rec room paintball, you will know what I mean by random spawns)

Use a randomizer that activates a random checkpoint in the area when they are teleported there. Upon knockout they will then respawn in a random spot. If you want it randomize every time make it so the randomizer runs, with a slight delay, after the player is knocked out.