Teleport Through Things Bug

For some reason, whenever i walk like into a teleporter but hold down that key going in that direction, i end up going through terrain walls and props/barriers. I might just be laggy but I reported this anyway. Below is a short clip of the bug / thing.
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gimkit only loads what is on your screen so this happens when the objects don’t fully load
also if you spawn in the middle of something you will be able to move out of it


i also have that bug.
i recommend that u dont move when you just hit the teleporter.

yes thats true.

The igloo is meant to have collision off but I don’t know if I put the teleporter too close to the barriers.

Nah, Its just a bug. Shouldn’t worry about it though. Happens with me too.

Nothing too bad. Since the teleporter is in the prop you get teleported into the prop. Then you are able to go out of it in any direction, so you won’t have to turn off the collision.

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It’s just because you spawned on the object. They don’t want you to get soft-locked, so you can walk through the object. It’s not really a bug.

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yep! you won’t like it when you get softlocked!

I turned the collision for the object off on purpose but the barriers shouldn’t let me walk through them.

They should if you spawn on them. That’s how it works so a person won’t be soft locked by accident.

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