Teleport Issue in my map

the event is global, not to just one team, and you can’t use teh same channels because it would make it the same team even though you used 4 different switchers.

What event? Please be a bit more specific, I am new to the forums and still have much to learn. I appreciate your concern about the issue though.

By the event I mean function. That is when the button is pressed, it effects all the players and will start functions such as randomize their team.

My active player scope is set to the player?

Ok I know this is off topic but I’m just really happy becuase I just reached member (please don’t flag I won’t post anything about it anymore)

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You might just have to have the teams be set on spawn, that would evenly split the teams, yet all teams have player. You can try this guide to get a basic understanding.

Check your devices to see if the button is pressed, it is set to global or player.

it is set to player also each team thing is set to team 1, 2, 3, then 4.

That is the issue, it need to be set to global because it is only randomizing the player who pressed the button and the rest are teleported after due to it bing linked up to global action. Change that to clobal and try it again.

you could try to just start with a button then make a teleporter connect them with a wire test it then go on from there

Ok I changed all the team things to global but now the other player teleports to where I teleport, its not random now.

Just so I have it right, the team chooser decided which teleporter to use and then that whole team teleports there?

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Yah when the relay triggers it teleports the player

you should use a relay and whenever the button is pressed it goes to the relay for all players on that team and wire that relay to a teleporter.

Why would we? Anyway welcome

Yup it goes to 4 relays and teleports them to target of the teleporter

yeah sorry I’m just… I have just never done something like this before

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Its fine, you might want to do the tutorials and read the community guidelines.