Teleport Issue in my map

you should use a relay and whenever the button is pressed it goes to the relay for all players on that team and wire that relay to a teleporter.

Why would we? Anyway welcome

Yup it goes to 4 relays and teleports them to target of the teleporter

yeah sorry I’m just… I have just never done something like this before

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Its fine, you might want to do the tutorials and read the community guidelines.

no I mean loike this I have done gimkit before but… do you guys like fnaf?

Stay on topic so you don’t get flagged but yah

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ok then copy that and set it on top of the original one but make each set (2 sets) only accessible and visible to one team but set them on each other so it only seems like one.

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hay wolf do you want to help me on my the amazing digital circus map now?

ok sorry I just made a really cool map

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Please make a help post if you have any questions, not on a post where we are trying to help others with different issues.

yes sir boom I love the amazing digital circus

how do I make a chat like this?

This is getting off topic, lets hop back on.
Make a wix if you want to chat about something, or you could use the current one.
I can’t link it because externals aren’t allowed

You go to Topics, and click make topic.

Can you be a bit more specific? I’m not sure what exactly you mean. I couldn’t find a visibility thing in the button menu either.

@ThatGim here is my new setup it still has the same issue tho

Hmm how about you make it 2 completely different overlapping sections whilst each section is available to one of the two teams.

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