Teams in gimkit w/ messages

i want to make my gimkit so it can choose one person to be the “imposter” and show it to only that one person and the rest be “Jakoans”

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How to setup teams for Among Us | Difficulty: 🟩 For the teams but i guess to make the peoples names you can have popups hooked up at the beginning that say what they are if this worked, mark a solution


Put a game start lifecycle and an random players relay. Now wire them together from lifecycle to relay.
Event occurs - trigger relay. Now put another relay, this time all other players, and wire the random player one to the other players. Relay trigger - Trigger relay. Now to run the code for the imposter, hook it to the random relay. For Jakoans, they are the other players relay. Make sure to mark a solution if this or @The_7th_Dragon s works!