Teams are not working

I am making a game where there a two teams but for some reason the game never puts anyone on team 2, is this a bug or am I doing smth wrong?

can you show me the map, i want to see the devices


you know there is a game setting where you can put it into 2 teams right?

Yes but it does not work when i have to two teams

let me see your game settings

Did you go to map options and change the team rules?


how do you know it is not working? here, post the map on wix and i can hlp

where on the wix

do you have wix?

I know that it is not working because I load up into the game with some other people and everyone is always team 1

idk this one?

yeah. ok, post the game into the code sharing area, ill join

i posted it

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HEllo @Epi320

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Instead of spit into size, make it specific team amount, and the number of team 2

sry i had science class.
gtg for 2 hr prbly