Team Teleporters Trouble

so, im making a game like work at a fast food place on roblox, and i need help for the pts thing, so i have it where, if a player clicks a button, someone on team 2 (the button clickers are team 1) will telport there from the button click, so button clicked → teleport random player from team 2 there

I don’t get the problem here?

i cant make it to where is somebody presses a button, then a random player on a different team can teleport there

Ohhhh…OK hold on

I think you use coding on this


You can very literally just make button → relay (random player on team 2) → teleporter → teleport here. Does anyone not understand this?


oh its a relay

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no she/he wants the player to click a button then a random player from that players tema gets sent to the teleporter

no somebody else team

Get your relay and have it like this
Coonect you button > relay, then relay > button

It should look similar to this…

I just said that, except he asked for team 2.

also, how do i make a spawn team?

Oh, ok …


Can you try to say this differently? I don’t get what you’re trying to say.

Go to map option > then teams

It depends on how many teams you want imma do 2

then have 2 spawn pads for 2 teams
One of them set as "only team 1 spawns here…

Then say on the other that team 2 can only spawn there.

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