Team switcher help

im trying to make it where if a player triggers a trigger, a random player on that team would switch to a different team, any ideas on how to do that

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maybe this might help

trigger triggered → switch player to configured team. make the team switcher configured to random team.
another way is trigger triggered → trigger relay. make the relay configured to a random player. relay triggered → switch player to configured team. make the team switcher configured random or specific team.


ill test it out, I know how to do the code, I just need help figuring out how to switch a random player on the team. but there doesnt seem to be an option do to that


Use a relay between the trigger and team switcher!

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For clic clac, the directions.

When trigger triggered, make it transmit a channel. Make that channel go to a relay on random player. Make it so that the relay relays a channel to go to a team switcher, then for the team switcher, choose your team.

trigger – relay (random player on team …) - team switcher

I hate to do this to you, but there’s no space between the Clic and the Clac.

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It’s alright mistakes are a part of life

you might use block code to switch to a different team because currently no device tracks ‘which team’ you are on, but in block code you can set it to a variable…

Nvm I figured it out
Get as many triggers as there are teams that are gonna be using them
make them useable for only the teams that are gonna be using them
add the trigger to your code

i dont think all that was nessary, you could have done a trigger connected to a relay (set to random player on team) and connected a team switcher


Who ever stepped on the trigger first was going to be random,
meaning if the code was only going to work with a specific team, it wasn’t going to work
(I’m not good at putting words together)

a relay just sends a message to more than just the triggering player or a specified someone. you could set it to random player


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