Team Spawning Being Funky

Hello. I want to know if I am the only person who is having this difficulty.

The teams on map options are set to split evenly into two different teams. Yet when I test the game with 3 other players we all spawn on the same team. I’m wondering if this is a bug that anyone else is having or it is a user error that can be fixed. Looking forward to hearing feedback

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maybe the teams are being set after they spawn. Maybe make a zone teleport for each team?

can you send ss of map settings?

Here are the map settings. It all looks to check out but just doesn’t spawn that way in testing

If the problem continues I might just try to make a property or something to force teleport. I’m not sure yet.

Go to settings (bottom left corner) and Click “Map options” And click “Teams” See if the team is specific Team Amount, and if it is, then check all the spawn pads if they are set to any team.

Did that, but still when spawing 4 test players they are all on the same team :L not quite sure.

Check the spawn pads. Maybe all of them are set to the default, team 1, therefore breaking your map.

the team spawn be friday night funkin
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You have to make the spawn pads say what team can spawn there

Keep those settings though

are you sure everyone is on the same team or is everyone just spawning in the same place

I think it is an actual bug. I test ran my game once today and everything in terms of team sorting and allocation worked without a problem. I then ONLY edited the questioner to change the questions that were being used and the problem of everyone being on the same team came back. I don’t think it’s user error here, I think it might actually be a problem with the system.

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