Team Spawner Help

I want to make a game where you can play mini versions of Gimkit game modes like Capture the
Flag and Blastball. Can you set a certain team at a spawn point after they press a button after the game has started?

Technically no. You can switch their team when a button is pressed though and configure the spawner for that team.

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You might be able to use the checkpoint device…


I tried that but they could accidentally run into their opponent’s checkpoint and respawn on their side.

Maybe have a respawn room with the checkpoint in it and they go through a teleporter to get to the main map

Kind of like how the Tag gimkit game mode works

You mean they press a button, then they spawn at a point that’s special to their team?

When they press the button, switch their team and configure a spawn pad to only let a specific team spawn there. Once their team has been switched they should all spawn in one area. I hope this helped! <3

that’s literally what i said.

I’m sorry if you think that I copied you :frowning:
Just trying to help, that’s all

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Thank you both, this really helped!

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You could put two spawn pad, and put it under a setting where only one team can spawn there.

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put a barrier over the checkpoint that is team scoped