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How to make different team lasers? i’m trying to make a bed wars game.

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Welcome to the forum, @DriftUknown_YT !! Be sure to not share personal info ! Are you trying to make the lasers only harm a specific team, or not harm a specific team?

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only the oposing players

harm* the oposing team

Welcome to the forum, @DriftUknown_YT. You can do this by looking this post with same question that has already been resolved.

Welcome to the community @DriftUknown_YT! I am not sure that it is possable to make a team cordnated lasar. But the cloesest this i could do was place a zone device and a lasar beam device. Set the zone to active when Player1 enters zone and deactive when Player2 enters zone then wire it to the lasar so when a player enters the zone they will either activate it or deactivate it. Them make all players on one team be Player1 as there channel and all players on team 2 to be Player2 as their channel.

Since you’re new, @DriftUknown_YT I would recommend looking at this guide and maybe do what it suggests in the future.

thank you! also can you use a picture to show me?

Sure, please give me one molment…

ookkkkkk :slight_smile: thank all of you!

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Heres a video to show it works.
Host _ Gimkit (3)


thank you!!! :smiley: yaaaay

Your welcome! Let me know if i can help you with anything else.

alternatively, you could set the scope of the laser to team and deactivate it with a relay for team (number)
WolfTechnology’s solution works too, but this is more efficient.
Since the scope is set to team, it only affects the team you deactivate it for. You could connect a lifecycle to the relay to the laser to deactivate it for a team on the start of the game. Make sure the relay settings are for a specific team.

oh. but i have no idea watchu mean

i need pictures for my brain to work


That is a bit more complicated, I said what I said because it works, and Im not a genius at code. I was surpried it worked at all.

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i have no idea wathu mean i need pictrues

Ok. Place down a lifecycle device.
Do not change any settings.
Place down a relay.
In the relay settings, have the audience selected as specific team, and set the team to whatever team is immune to the laser.
Wire the lifecycle to the relay.
Now, in the laser settings, find the setting for scope, and set it to team.
Wire the relay to the laser (deactivate the laser)


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