Team escape help 🤏

So basically, there are absolutely no guides on this: I want it so that when a certain door is unlocked, the players get to escape when entering a zone which switches them to spectators. But the game ends when ALL of the players on a specific team enter the zone?

Please be as specific as possible.



live player counter

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I would help but I’m still kinda new to gkc fuctions. Sorry. :sob:

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Thanks, but it doesn’t really explain how to end the game when they all of them enter a zone. Let me check again…


Put them as spectators when they enter the zone, and it will automatically end the game, I think…

Yeah, but then that doesn’t count how many players enter the zone. Nor does it track how many of the players on that team did become spectators.

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Yeah, true that. Nevermind, then…

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Have a team scoped player counter (not live). Make this have a target of 0 and decrease when the player enters the zone.

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Well, counter. Set it to the number of players playing. Make entering zone give a channel.

Decrease counter by 1 every channel received. When target reached of 0, end game

Another important thing is, are you publishing the game?

Yes. Sorry for the late response. The thing is, I don’t know how many people are playing.
@twofoursixeight, how would that work?

The device would count how many people enter the door and turn them into spectators.

Yes, but the thing is, i want the game to end when all of the players on specific team enter the zone.

Idea. Make a game start. Then make it do a relay for all players. So it sends a channel for each player. Make counter start at 0. Then it’s target 0. Make it check something but idk. Try that. I’m about to go and busy. I’ll try more later

Okay, I’m trying these.
Still need some more clear ideas…